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Trade Show Services

Trade Show Services

TForce Freight provides a wide range of exhibit services to meet the needs of the trade show industry.


  • Fast and reliable standard ground freight
  • Expedited and time-specific delivery
  • Deferred air service for all freight sizes
  • Advanced Warehousing
  • Experienced trade show specialists available to advise during show or pre-show
  • Package services available from booth (When provided by a TForce Freight Representative at the Service Desk)
  • Full portfolio of international air freight services to meet your trade show deadlines
  • Customs brokerage services available for complying with customs regulations and clearance of goods when exhibiting internationally

Range of Services

  • Expedited: expedited air and ground to and from shows, as well as time-specific delivery by air or ground, all guaranteed
  • Standard: Intact and on-time delivery from coast to coast or within the same city

Tips for trouble-free trade show shipping

  • Remove all old shipping labels and affix new shipping labels
  • Take advantage of advance warehouse services provided by the show to eliminate tight delivery windows and delays
  • Include booth number, show name, and your exhibiting company name in the address on the bill of lading and on all freight labels
  • Include deliver-by date on bill of lading for advance warehouse shipments
  • Include target (move-in) date on bill of lading if shipping directly to show site
  • Include phone number on bill of lading and on freight labels

    Call Trade Show Services at (800)988-9889 to schedule a pickup.

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