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TForce Freight Rating Software

TForce Freight Rating Software gives you easy access to rate and route information on your computer giving you easy access to rates and routing information. The system calculates TForce Freight's LTL interstate and intrastate rates for all classes and weights up to 19,999 pounds, between all postal codes in the continental United States, Canada and Mexico. Users can also route shipments from origin to destination postal code and determine the applicable service standards and service centers.


  • Determines if a ZIP code is serviced directly and identifies the service standard between five digit ZIP codes.
  • Displays TForce Freight's service center information.
  • Displays and prints rate scales.
  • Provides a user friendly Windows interface.


  • TForce Freight Rating Software for Windows (compatible through Windows 10)

Please read the following instructions completely for downloading and installing TForce Freight Rating Software for Windows to your computer.

  1. Click on the button below labeled 'Download Rating Software'
  2. Please click on downloaded file TForce-Freight-570-Setup.exe to begin installation.
  3. The installation process will begin and you will be prompted through a series of steps. At each prompt, click ‘Next’.
  4. A message will appear to indicate your installation was successful.

(Rates Effective October 2, 2023)

NOTE: Please place an "M" after a Mexico ZIP code when requesting a rate quote from / to Mexico.

By downloading this software you agree to abide by the terms of the U.S. Class Rates License Agreement.