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Guidelines for Shipping Alcohol

  1. Shipments containing beer, wine, or spirits (“Alcoholic Beverages”) are accepted for transportation only under agreements where the current 102 Rules Tariff is identified as a governing document, from shippers who are licensed and authorized under applicable laws to ship Alcoholic Beverages. Carrier will provide transportation services for Alcoholic Beverages subject to all applicable laws and regulations:

    1. Licensee to Licensee. Carrier will accept shipments of Alcoholic Beverages when both the shipper and recipient are either licensed wholesalers, licensed dealers, licensed distributors, licensed manufacturers or licensed importers, subject to additional requirements and all applicable laws and regulations.
    2. Shipper may not reconsign a shipment containing Alcoholic Beverages.
    3. Wine and Beer. Carrier will accept wine shipments from licensed entities directly to consumers, subject to additional requirements and all applicable laws and regulations. Shipment of beer to consumers is prohibited.
    4. Individual consumers may not ship Alcoholic Beverages. Shipment of spirits to consumers is prohibited.
    5. For all U.S. inbound import shipments containing Alcoholic Beverages, the consignee must be licensed and authorized to receive the Alcoholic Beverages.
    6. A signature of an adult is required for deliveries of shipments containing alcoholic beverages.
    7. Alcoholic beverages shall not be consigned to a Residence.

  2. It is the responsibility of the shipper to ensure that a package tendered to Carrier does not violate any federal, state, or local laws or regulations applicable to the shipment.
  3. Carrier reserves the right to dispose of any Alcoholic Beverages tendered for shipment which shippers are prohibited from shipping, which Carrier is not authorized to accept, which Carrier states that it will not accept, or which Carrier has a right to refuse. Carrier reserves the right to discontinue service to any shipper or broker for, among other reasons, tendering a shipment containing Alcoholic Beverages that does not comply with all applicable laws, regulation or Carrier’s rules.