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Overcharge Claim Information


How to File an Overcharge Claim:

It is our goal to rate and bill your shipments in such a way that you'll never need to file an overcharge claim. However, should that be necessary, we'll process your claim in a prompt and courteous manner.

A claim for overcharge, unidentified, or duplicate payment shall not be paid unless filed in writing with the Carrier within 180 days of receipt of TForce Freight's bill. For the purposes of applying this rule, receipt shall mean 10 days after the shipment has been tendered to the Carrier by the shipper. Except as otherwise provided, claims will be handled in accordance with procedures governing the processing, investigation and disposition of such claims as found in NMFC series items 300201 through 300209.

TForce Freight acknowledges claims within 30 days after receipt thereof. Once we receive and register your claim, we assign an TForce Freight claim number as reference. TForce Freight will pay, refuse or amend within 120 days after receipt of claim. Should you need to make a claim, please either mail or fax a copy of the overcharge claim form.

TForce Freight will not pay a claim unless it is filed in writing or electronically communicated within the 180-day period. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Determine the dollar amount that accurately represents your claim amount.
    NOTE: Only the payer of the original freight charges can file an overcharge claim.
  2. Download the TForce Freight Overcharge Claim Form. Print the blank form and complete it.
  3. Collect the following documents and information to support your claim:
    • A copy of the freight bill invoice or a list of freight bill numbers being filed. This list can be a separate document or spreadsheet of the pros filed with the claim.
    • Tariff authority or reason why the claim was filed
    • Additional documentation to support the claim for overcharge
  4. Send your claim and all supporting documentation to:

    TForce Freight
    Overcharge Claims Department
    1000 Semmes Avenue
    P.O. Box 1216
    Richmond, VA 23218-1216

    Or, if you prefer, you can fax your claim and documentation to (770)990-1715.

TForce Freight will work diligently to get your claim settled as fairly and quickly as possible. If you have questions about the status of a claim, please don't hesitate to call your TForce Freight Account Manager or the TForce Freight Customer Service Center at (800)333-7400.

Contact the TForce Freight Overcharge Claims Team at overchargeclaims1@tforcefreight.com for assistance in determining the status of your claim.