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Fuel Surcharge

All charges for line haul transportation resulting from rates and/or charges named in tariffs, contracts or other agreed pricing provisions making reference to this tariff, are hereby or will on their effective dates be increased as provided in item 1 of the TForce Freight Rules Tariff:

TForce Freight Rules Tariff

In applying the provisions of this item, first determine the applicable line haul charge including all applicable increases and/or discounts, if any. The line haul charge so determined will be subject to the percentage increase as provided below.

Class Based Shipment

Fuel Surcharge for Class Based Shipments

Effective Date LTL Fuel Surcharge
10/5/2022 41.1%

Density Based Shipment

The fuel surcharge for Density Based shipments is provided in Item 645-1 in the following PDF.

  • pdf

    LTL Rules Tariff (U.S., Canada, and Mexico) 08/17/2022

    Adobe PDF format

Note: The term “line haul charges” referred to herein applies to all charges other than accessorial charges.