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Fuel Surcharge

All charges for line haul transportation resulting from rates and/or charges named in tariffs, contracts or other agreed pricing provisions making reference to this tariff, are hereby or will on their effective dates be increased as provided in item 1 of the TForce Freight Rules Tariff:

TForce Freight Rules Tariff

In applying the provisions of this item, first determine the applicable line haul charge including all applicable increases and/or discounts, if any. The line haul charge so determined will be subject to the percentage increase as provided below.

Class Based Shipment

Fuel Surcharge for Class Based Shipments

Effective Date LTL Fuel Surcharge
2/28/2024 33.3%

Density Based Shipment

The fuel surcharge for Density Based shipments is provided in Item 645-1 in the following PDF.

  • pdf

    LTL Rules Tariff (U.S., Canada, and Mexico) 12/04/2023

    Adobe PDF format

Note: The term “line haul charges” referred to herein applies to all charges other than accessorial charges.