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EDI Information

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is TForce Freight's service for electronic transmission of business documents in a standardized format to our customers.

EDI Features

EDI allows for the exchange of the following transactions:

  • ANSI 212 - Drop Trailer Manifest
  • Electronic Funds Transfer

EDI Benefits

  • EDI reduces the volume of paper moved between shippers, carriers and consignees.
  • EDI increases information accuracy while reducing clerical costs.
  • Instantaneous exchange of information between partners gives you the most timely data for decision making.

Equipment Required

  • Communications capabilities to a Value Added Network (VAN) or AS2.
  • Translation capabilities.

Put EDI to work for you!

To find out more information about putting EDI to work for you, please contact your local TForce Freight account manager, complete a TForce Freight Trading Partner EDI Form or call toll free (800)333-7400 to speak with a TForce Freight customer service representative who can help you get the services that will best suit your needs.