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Cargo Claims Information


    Lost or Damaged Shipments

    You should get in the habit of always checking your freight for shortages or signs of damage every time you receive a shipment. If you should discover a problem, bring it to the driver's attention immediately, then take the following steps:

    For a Shipment Shortage

    If you feel part of your shipment is missing, count the pieces and check the number against what is indicated on your delivery receipt. Then write a precise description of the shortage on both your copy and TForce Freight's copy.

    How to Have a Shortage Traced

    Your note of a shortage on both copies of the freight bill acts as a written alarm for service center personnel who will make every effort to locate your missing freight. If it becomes necessary to have your shipment shortage traced, contact the person in charge of Over, Short & Damage (OS&D) at your local TForce Freight service center. Before you make contact however, be sure to have the following information available:

    • Freight bill number
    • Billing date on the delivery receipt or freight bill
    • Names and addresses of the shipper and consignee
    • Number of pieces in the shipment
    • Number of pieces missing
    • Weight of the shipment
    • Delivery date
    • Complete description of the missing pieces, including size, shape, color, etc.
    • Any part number or serial number on the goods
    • Any other information that you think would be helpful in identifying the container or contents

    For Visible Damage

    If the containers in your shipment show visible signs of damage, open them immediately to check the contents, and ask the driver to inspect the contents with you. Then write a precise description of the damage on both your copy and TForce Freight's copy of the delivery receipt.

    SPECIAL NOTE: The consignee is not justified in refusing a damaged shipment unless the damage has made the goods worthless. In cases of partial damage or loss, the consignee should accept the entire shipment and determine whether it can be repaired or retained with an allowance.

    For Concealed Loss or Damage

    As soon as possible after delivery, unpack and inspect your shipment. Should you discover a concealed loss or damage, report it to TForce Freight within 5 business days of the delivery date and request an inspection. While you wait for the inspection, make every attempt to leave the containers and packing materials as they were when you first discovered the loss or damage.

    Requesting Inspections

    After delivery, contact your local TForce Freight service center or our Customer Service Department at (800)333-7400 to help you determine if an inspection and formal written report will be required. Occasionally, we may not have an inspector examine the damaged freight. Instead, we may request that you do the inspection yourself and keep a written description should a claim be filed later. Please note, however, that an inspection report is not a claim.

    The Claim, Defined

    A claim is a written demand for payment by the owner of a shipment on the carrier for loss or damage occurring during transit. Rules Tariff limits our liability on certain commodities and provides for $25.00 per pound per package (certain shipments may be subject to lower liability limits under the National Motor Freight Classification or specific provisions of the Rules Tariff). You can, however, buy additional liability coverage for any shipment valued over $25.00 per pound simply by requesting it on the bill of lading, For more details, ask your TForce Freight Account Manager.

    How to File a Claim

    It is our goal to handle your shipment in such a way that you never need to file a claim. However, should that be necessary, we'll process your claim in a prompt and courteous manner.

    TForce Freight acknowledges all claims within 30 days. Should you need to make a claim, please either mail or fax a copy of this form. For the most expeditious service, please don't do both.

    A claim and its supporting documentation are required to be filed within nine (9) months of delivery or in cases of non-delivery, within 9 months of the shipment date. TForce Freight will not pay a claim unless it is filed, in writing, within the allotted nine-month period. Here's the procedure:

    1. Determine the dollar amount which accurately represents your loss.
      NOTE: Because the owner of the shipment has a legal obligation to minimize the amount of a claim whenever possible, you should make every effort to repair, discount or salvage damaged goods.

    2. Download the TForce Freight Standard Claim Form. Complete the form and print it. Or, write a letter identifying the shipment and the claim amount.

    3. Collect the following documents to support your claim:

      • A vendor invoice for the goods shipped, including the full price paid after any discounts or deductions.
      • A copy of the freight bill invoice.
      • A copy of the bill of lading.
      • Detailed repair invoices, if goods in question have been repaired.

    4. Send your claim and all supporting documentation to:

      Claims Processing
      TForce Freight
      PO. Box 1216
      Richmond, VA 23218

      Or, if you prefer, you can fax your claim and documentation to (866)580-1944.

    How Your Claim will be Processed

    Once we receive and register your claim, we assign a claim number and one of our claims investigators to it. Both the number and the examiner stay with your claim until it's resolved.

    Item 300120 of the National Motor Freight Classification states ...

    Carriers will acknowledge claim in writing or by electronic transmission within 30 days after receipt thereof, informing the claimant of identifying number assigned thereto, and will pay, refuse payment, or make a firm compromise offer within 120 days after receipt of claim, except, that if claim cannot be disposed of within this period, carrier will at that time and at the end of each succeeding 60 day period thereafter while claim remains pending, inform the claimant in writing or electronically of the reason for failure to conclude claim.

    If, however, your claim isn't resolved within 30 days, you'll receive an acknowledgment with your assigned claim number, telling you that TForce Freight has received your claim and is working on it.

    NOTE: Read your acknowledgment carefully. It may ask for other documents or information your examiner needs. Also, keep this acknowledgment in a safe place, because you 'll need to refer to it should you contact your claims investigator.

    At TForce Freight, we'll work diligently to get your claim settled as fairly and quickly as possible. If you have questions about the status of a claim, please don't hesitate to call your TForce Freight Account Manager or the TForce Freight Customer Service Center at (800)333-7400 or you may check the status of your claim on our website.

    Contact the TForce Freight Claims Department at (888)653-9720 for assistance in determining the status of your claim.

    Insurance Requirements

    We maintain liability insurance for our automobile and general liability, cargo and workers compensation exposures. The limits of that insurance exceed requirements by federal and state regulatory agencies.