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TForce Freight Savings Program

TForce Freight is excited to offer the TForce Freight Savings Program, a benefit program that will help your members save time and money.

Get Exclusive Discounts

Once enrolled in the TForce Freight Savings Program, your members will receive exclusive discounts on a wide variety of TForce Freight services, including LTL freight shipping, Trade Show Services, cross-border shipping, and more.

Not only will your members save, but your association will benefit from partnering with TForce Freight as well. The TForce Freight Savings Program enhances your association’s benefits portfolio while adding measurable value to your overall membership.

In addition, these member benefits support recruitment and retention efforts for your association. Savings from just a few shipments can help save members thousands annually, and can be put toward paying their membership fee to your association.

Member benefits

  • Exclusive discounts on freight services
  • On-time guaranteed service for less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments*
  • Customized marketing strategy and co-branded collateral
  • Detailed monthly reporting on member usages
  • Enrollment and activation support by our dedicated inside sales team
  • Trade show and annual meeting attendance and support as needed

Ready to get started?

Contact the TForce Freight Association Team today at (866)443-9303 or associations@tforcefreight.com to learn how you can partner with TForce Freight to help your members save on freight shipping.

* If TForce Freight fails to deliver any shipment to which a guarantee applies by the scheduled delivery date, and if applicable, time, TForce Freight's sole liability shall be to cancel freight charges for that shipment, if timely requested by the customer. See the current UPGF 102 series Rules Tariff, available at www.tforcefreight.com, and any other applicable contract, for applicable terms, conditions, restrictions and remedies.